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TrustPoint Innovation is bringing to the market a solution specifically designed to provide users and devices connected to M2M end points the ability to securely verify the authenticity of the sending device.

M2M devices are typically small, low cost, inexpensive, and able to operate unattended by humans for extended periods of time.

In many cases, it is likely that M2M devices will be deployed in very large quantities (e.g., tens of thousands), and many of them will also be mobile, making it challenging for operators or subscribers to send personnel to manage or service them.

Lastly the overall risk for M2M is more profound, especially when you consider that M2M can involve vehicle-to-vehicle, utility and healthcare connections. M2M doesn't just present a more widespread threat with which to deal, it also presents one that is greater in terms of both severity and repercussions for networks and their users alike.

It is for these reasons it is imperative that M2M devices are deployed with secure features such as certificates. Users and points connected to M2M end points can verify the authenticity of the sending point by verifying its certificate with confidence.

Since M2M devices are typically small, low cost and inexpensive it is imperative to be able to deploy not only highly secure certificates but to do so utilizing the smallest footprint possible.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) based certificates are ideally suited to meet such needs.

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