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The Internet of Things: How Secure is it?

The Internet of Things is here to stay. There will only be more devices, not less, that are connecting to your network in the future. Unfortunately, the reality of our society these days includes groups of people who spend their time trying to hack into your systems. These new devices give them lots of new opportunities to cause damage. You have to take care to protect yourself against them.

There is a great article on the Internet of Things and security in a recent PC Magazine. The article talks about the proliferation of devices that are network connected. Each being a possible “back door” or security access problem for your home network.

Network devices include smart TVs, printers, game consoles, network storage devices, satellite receivers, and media players. As PC Magazine says, “You don't need fancy gadgets or high-tech equipment to have a networked home.” You do need protection, however. So how do you protect yourself?

Use Good Equipment

A great place to start is by using state of the art equipment. Finding a safe and secure router is crucial. As the primary entry point for any would be attackers, your router must be protected. Don't settle for cheap or refurbished devices, and find security software that actually helps. Although security is a major consideration when using good equipment, other important benefits include speed and reliability. Paying more for a better router/modem will save you time and provide peace of mind. It's well worth the investment.

Find an Expert Installer

The average person is far from a tech expert. You might know how to plug in your devices, but do you know how to secure them? Getting a professional to install your equipment is essential. They not only save time, but also help you set up your network securely. There are many security options available that the average consumer has never heard of. Installation specialists provide these options to ensure that added levels of security are in place from the beginning.

Protect Your Devices

Your router isn't the only access point for your personal information. As the Internet of Things expands, more and more of your device become connected. We now have the ability to connect appliances, alarm systems, televisions, and thermostats to our network. In ten years, who knows what will be available!

This is where the article in PC Magazine needs work. Protecting your router is important, but doesn't secure your entire network. When connected to the network, devices become security risks. Make sure your devices have the backing of a strong security encryption. You wouldn't lock your front door and leave your backdoor open!

The Internet of Things is here to stay. Home networks with an ever-increasing connection of devices are here to stay. And, unfortunately, people with bad intentions are also here to stay. It would be naïve to fight the tide of advancements in technology. The Internet of Things has already made our lives easier and safer, and will continue to do so in the future. Running from it is not the solution.

Don't be afraid: instead, protect your home network. Use the best equipment and make sure all of your devices are secure. As vulnerable as you might feel, securing your devices is much easier than you might have imagined.

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