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IKEA and the Connected Kitchen

IKEA has a newfound set of ideas for their version of the Kitchen of 2025. They call this vision the “Concept Kitchen”, and have recently shared their ideas with the world. As CTV's article points out, the corporation has partnered up with University students (primarily in the field of design) in order to strategize the project and ultimately create a fully connected kitchen.

By now, we are all rather familiar with the concept of “smart” technologies such as the smartphone or the smart television set. Simply put, such items are labelled as “smart” due to the fact that they are able to connect with the Internet. It seems as though every time we turn around there is a new everyday item that can communicate with the Internet in one way or another.

Not only are such items able to connect with the Internet, but they can also communicate with one another. For instance, our laptops can communicate with our smart televisions when we want to watch our favourite show on Netflix. Also, our smartphones can communicate with our smart home alarm systems when we are worried that we may have left the front door unlocked. This connected system is called the “Internet of Things”, or the IoT, and it is growing substantially before our very eyes.

Items in our everyday surroundings are rapidly emerging within the Internet of Things. Innovators are finding new ways to connect things that were never previously imagined to the Internet, and ultimately to one another. IKEA is striving hard to become one of these innovators with their new visualization of the ultimate connected kitchen.

One of the main connected kitchen features that IKEA is focusing on is their idea of the ultimate smart kitchen table. This table will have a multiplicity of notable functions.

These tables serve as prep station that can feel and see what it is you are placing on it. The table is then able to give you recipe suggestions based on the ingredients that you have at home, give you suggestions on how you can prepare a specific food item, and even communicate nutritional information to you.

IKEA also envisions this smart table as a practical heating source for your cooking endeavours. According to the company, you will be able to heat up a specific section of the table to a desired temperature and heat up your pan just as you would on your stove at home.

These are just a few of the seemingly endless possibilities that IKEA envisions for this futuristic table as part of their ultimate version of the connected kitchen.

If this sounds farfetched to you, consider the fact that there are already smart kitchen items on the market today. Although it costs at least three times the price of your average oven, it is possible to access a stove you can set to pre-heat when you are not yet home, or that you can double check to see if it was shut off with a simple glance at your smartphone.

The IoT is growing rapidly, and kitchen items are just as much a part of this phenomenon as anything else you can imagine. IKEA is taking advantage of this technology and using it to create a whole new way of interacting with our kitchens.

Although the advanced connectivity of devices can promise a great deal of convenience and peace of mind, it is important to realize that there can be a significant risk to your privacy and security. Because such items are all connected to your network, it is crucial to make sure your devices are protected.

Ensuring that your network router has a strong encryption is an essential first step, but you should consider providing strong security to all of your devices. As more devices are able to connect to your network, you increase your susceptibility to cyber-attacks. Fortunately, as potential threats grow, so too does security technology.

We have already taken notice to the degree that the Internet has changed our society. This phenomenon will only continue to grow, particularly in your home. IKEA has already made major advances in this direction by embracing the connected kitchen. This idea promises us the ultimate cooking convenience, efficiency, and enjoyment. As long as you remember how to properly protect yourself, you should feel comfortable enjoying the perks that the IoT will offer us in the near future!

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