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Amazing Features to Expect in Tesla's Driverless Cars

In the booming age of technology, we are constantly adapting to new and exciting inventions that improve our quality of life. One of the newest innovations comes courtesy of Elon Musk and Tesla, with their introduction of the driverless car.

Kicking back in your vehicle with the morning coffee and newspaper is a reality that Musk believes is closer than a lot of people think. By pairing rear and front facing cameras with ultrasonic sensors, Tesla is looking to make a completely autonomous vehicle.

You might have seen Google driverless cars in the news (or even on the road) recently, as they've also been experimenting with removing the human element from the entire process. Tesla is uncertain right now if they would consider working with Google, but the possibility is not entirely off the table.

So just what kind of amazing features can you expect from Tesla's driverless cars? Here's a few things we're most excited about once these vehicles roll onto the market.

Autopilot engaged

Airplanes have featured the use of an autopilot for years, so why shouldn't cars? Imagine inserting your destination on your GPS, and that's it. Your car automatically takes you on the fastest route to wherever you want to go, while you're free to relax, catch up on work, or even take a nap!

Ditching the steering wheel

Some manufacturers of driverless cars feature an interior that doesn't even have a steering wheel — this is how confident they are in their design. One of the options they've been experimenting with includes the possibility of summoning your car to wherever you are. With a simple click of a button, you'd be able to call your trusty steel steed to your location for pickup. This is comparable to having your own personal chauffeur at all times, without the small talk.

Plenty of current car models include driverless parking. Tesla hopes to take this one step further by having the car park itself after dropping off the passengers. It might be nerve-wracking for many people to give over complete control to an autonomous vehicle, but it's actually far safer than you could imagine.


Tesla has been running experiments with their driverless cars for some time now, and the results have been spectacular. The only recorded crash from their experiments came when a human was trying to park one of the cars in a parking lot. It figures that from the hundreds of thousands of driverless miles driven, it took a human's touch to crash one of these cars.

With a road full of driverless cars who have the possibility of communicating their location to one other, we're looking at a very safe future for drivers everywhere.

We're very excited to see what else Musk has up his sleeve with Tesla. 20 years ago, driverless vehicles were completely off of the radar. Today, we're looking at maybe 5 years, a decade tops. Musk, through Tesla, has seen the future and gone after it. Automated cars will be that future.

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