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Privacy and IoT Security

As our world becomes more entwined with the internet, we risk laying bare our personal lives for the world. This isn't some futuristic fear either; we have already witnessed potential privacy and security issues in the world of IoT. From celebrity smartphone hacks to smart TVs recording your information, connected devices can be a huge target for cyber-attacks.

Tech information security companies have always worked continuously to secure your data, but an extra emphasis has been added to the privacy of our information recently. One group that works to keep your private information secure is the Canadian Centre for Cyber Risk Management (C3RM).

For a full report on C3RM privacy and IoT security, check out their new whitepaper Cyber Risk Management by Design. In their report you'll find detailed explanations on what kind of information hackers try to access, how to stop them, and what C3RM does to help.

Who are C3RM?

C3RM a Canadian organization based out of Waterloo, Ontario who aim to keep our data as secure as possible. This group contains organizations from a number of industries who all want the same goal: information privacy. Businesses and government agencies alike have banded together as C3RM to promote and publicize the cyber risks in an increasingly digital world.

The main challenge this group faces is misinformation. While we might think our data is secure and private, even the most basic of our information can be sold to interested parties. Their report mentions the need for small businesses to realize the risks they face as well. Smaller companies often don't prioritize security the same way a large organization will, and might take more risks with their information. Hackers can access their information, ideas, findings, and sell it before the company has a chance to develop their product or service.

Why privacy is important for IoT

C3RM is playing a pivotal role in cyber-risk awareness. Connected device users often believe they understand the risk of privacy breaches, yet C3RM's role is to actually enlighten businesses and individuals to the importance of protecting private data.

Large corporations transmit significant amounts of information daily, potentially risking the data being stolen, leaked, or used against them. Look no further than the Sony's hacking scandal, where the company was damaged professionally and economically by a poorly secured network. C3RM's report notes that hackers launch cyber-attacks on large organizations in an effort to get valuable information, which they can sell to interested parties.

If the information was stolen from a government or public network instead, the results could be even more catastrophic. With the stakes this high, the importance of a dedicated team of information security experts has never been more apparent. C3RM works to both educate and aid businesses in best security practices to avoid devastating privacy breaches.

How can we be secure in an IoT world?

One way you can help to keep your information safe is to promote awareness of cyber risks. This whitepaper argues that education is crucial. People play as large, if not larger, role in security breaches than faulty technology. Ensuring your staff has the tools and knowledge to prevent accidental leaks is vital.

It's always better to be proactive than reactive; you can't get back information stolen from you over the web — once it's taken, it's easily copied and saved. Take an active approach to implementing security and privacy measures before the attacks happen. It'll save you a lot of time and a big headache later.

The more shareable our information becomes, the more difficult it is to secure. The C3RM team is working hard to help keep our information private. The goal of their recent report is to spread awareness, and educate tech users as much as possible when it comes to security.

Check out the whitepaper for yourself, and see what you can do to keep your data private.

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