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Amazing IoT Devices For Home

More and more IoT devices are playing a great role in the business world. A growing number of IoT devices are now available for the home and promise to help us increase our day-to-day efficiency. Here are just four IoT technologies that may be coming to a home near you.

Energy Aware Technology Neurio

Neurio works through a sensor that's installed in your electrical panel. By monitoring the electricity patterns in your home through algorithms in its cloud, it can determine what's happening with each of your appliances and send you messages through your smartphone. You'll know right away if something was left on or is using more energy than you expected. One of the most popular features is a notification that let's you know you've left the oven on. Mother Mother is a smart home suite with a hub (referred to as the “mother”) and wireless sensors, which are called “motion cookies”. When attached to an object or person, the sensors monitor and analyze their movements, location, and temperature. You can monitor your front door for any unwanted visitors, or even toothbrushes to see if your children are brushing their teeth. This device will track all of the activity history online and can be configured to send alerts.

Staples Connect

Staples Connect monitors and controls devices such as door locks, smoke alarms, lighting, and thermostats — as long as they are from a participating brand.

You can control the temperature of your home from your smartphone and ensure your doors are locked at night without having to get out of bed.


If you've ever worried about your home while you're away, Canary let's you check right from your smartphone.

Canary is basically a home security system. It comes as a single unit with a high definition video camera, as well as sensors for motion, sound, air quality, temperature, and vibration. The system learns your home's “normal” activity. If anything “abnormal” is detected, you'll receive an alert to your smartphone. You can also assign back up users who can receive alerts — and check up on your place — while you're away.

IoT devices — making our homes smarter every day

IoT devices can make any home a smart home — without any significant changes to infrastructure.

Beyond the convenience of using a smartphone to control appliances or heating and cooling, IoT devices can help save money. Knowing your usage can help change wasteful habits — or appliances.

With new innovations still on the horizons, we're just at the beginning of how these amazing devices will transform our homes.

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