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Ontario is the First Province to Welcome Driverless Car Testing

Google Driverless Car

Ontario is the first province in Canada to remove restrictions that will allow for testing driverless vehicles on provincial roads and highways …

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Self-Driving Cars and “Learning” Computers: Securing the Future of Transportation

So often when we discuss the Internet of Things, automated machines, and integrating the Internet into every facet of our everyday lives, we focus …

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Should Consumers Care About Counterfeit Goods?

We know manufacturers care about counterfeits. High quality counterfeits compete directly with the genuine article leading to lost sales. Low …

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IoT Security in the Home

As more and more household products are developed with Internet integration in mind, the shift towards an all-connected “Internet of Things” …

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Are Intermediaries in Supply Chains Legally Responsible for Counterfeit Goods?

Trust in the Supply Chain

Intermediaries refer to all parties in the supply chain. They include raw material suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, shipping companies, …

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