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IBM Seals Deal With ARM Holdings

In another major shift for IoT development, news broke recently that IBM has signed a deal with ARM Holdings, a British company that designs …

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Automobile Hacking: Should You Be Concerned?

If you've bought a car manufactured in the past few years, chances are high that it will utilize between 20 and 70 computers, all with their own …

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IoT and Industry: Tailoring Production for the Future

While there has been a marked focus on Internet of Things technologies applied to everyday household products (and related concerns on the …

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Tesla Motors Announces 70 kWh Model S for $70k

Further maintaining its position as a leader in the electric auto industry, Tesla Motors introduced its 70 kWh Model S on July 17, 2015. As CEO Elon …

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IC3 Releases Warning on IoT Security

The IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center), a division of the FBI, released a public service announcement on September 11, 2015, regarding …

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