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TrustPoint Innovation at CONNECTED + 2015


TrustPoint Innovation will be exhibiting at the CONNECTED + Conference & Exhibition (Toronto, MaRS Centre, September 28-29), one of the leading events in …

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What NFC Does For Your Phone

The most common use for NFC technology is to turn a smartphone into a digital wallet. It can collect and store the data from credit and debit cards …

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Deploying Nagios

In the first week that I started my co-op at TrustPoint Innovation I was tasked with improving upon the monitoring solution. The existing monitoring project was …

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Can the Internet of Things Grow Without Trust?

How much information are we giving away?

The Internet of Things. Five years ago very few people had heard of the concept. Despite the fact that the term is now commonly used …

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IoT Funding in North America

Every great idea needs an investment to get it off the ground. Whether it is funding through the private or public sectors, these sectors should be …

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