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My Experience at the Canadian Connected Car Technology Roadshow

From June 15–19, 2015, sixteen connected-car companies from Canada travelled to Silicon Valley near San Francisco to meet with the top automotive …

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The Rise of the Planet of the Smartwatch

Ten years ago the general population thought wearable technologies were unnecessary and, to some, downright scary. Fast forward only a couple years …

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Amazing IoT Devices For Home

More and more IoT devices are playing a great role in the business world. A growing number of IoT devices are now available for the home and promise to …

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Taylor Swift: Shaking Off Counterfeits in China

Taylor Swift has long held a passionate stance on the protection of intellectual property in the music industry, and is not afraid to stand up for …

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Privacy and IoT Security

As our world becomes more entwined with the internet, we risk laying bare our personal lives for the world. This isn't some futuristic fear either; we …

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