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Your Worst Driving Nightmare: Security Flaws in New Vehicles Now Top Priority

Driving down a highway in your new vehicle, there would be nothing more terrifying than to cross paths with a careless driver or unavoidable obstacle …

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How is NFC Revolutionizing Advertising Campaigns?

The options for using NFC tags in advertising are endless. NFC (or near field communication) is a wireless technology that facilitates fast and efficient …

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The Ambient-Intelligence Conference: Waterloo Region's first IoT Gathering

As part of the information security community, we at TrustPoint Innovation are constantly exploring the world of IoT and ambient intelligence. What does it entail? …

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Amazing Features to Expect in Tesla's Driverless Cars

In the booming age of technology, we are constantly adapting to new and exciting inventions that improve our quality of life. One of the newest …

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What Your 2025 Commute Will Look Like

The daily monotony is all too familiar for those of you who commute. When considering just how long we spend stuck in traffic, it becomes less an …

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