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Can the Consumer Join in the Battle to Prevent Counterfeits Using NFC?

Consumers search online for authentic products at the very best prices. Unfortunately, they have no way to tell if they are purchasing a knockoff. …

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Side Channel Attacks

In cryptography, a side channel attack accesses information about a secured system through the analysis of physical attributes of the system. This is in …

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A Lesson from Recent Security Breaches: Default Settings

Technology can make life simpler and easier. But you need to know how to use it properly; otherwise, the potential dangers technology can pose are real …

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Cryptography in Transition: Leaving Behind Human Oversight

Cryptography has primarily existed to send secret messages, often political or military, between people. For the political case I'm reminded of the …

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Alibaba Group Sued Again Over Alleged Counterfeits

Despite efforts to combat counterfeits, Alibaba ecommerce websites reportedly “encourage, assist” fake merchandise.

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