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Canadian technology to be used to provide the security for V2V Communications for Crash Avoidance

In mid-July of this year, President Obama was speaking at a federal highway research facility in Northern Virginia about the development and testing of …

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NFC Security Part 1: NFC Tag Reader/Writer

NFC security is highly dependant on the targeted application and mode of operation. This post explores the three modes of NFC: Tag Reader/Writer, Card …

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Tag the World

I recently attended an NFC Forum meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland. On my last day in the city I hiked up to Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park. I highly …

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What is the purpose of NFC NDEF Signature Records?

This question was posted a few years ago by Eric VĂ©tillard in this blog post.

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NFC Explained Through Infographics

I found some great NFC infographics to explain the technology. The first one is a comparison between RFID & NFC. It captures the differences nicely. RFID

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