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What to do with NFC Tags? An electronic business card

Most smart phones (sans the iPhone) are NFC enabled out of the box and can read NFC tags without installing any apps. Naturally early adopters will want …

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NFC use case: 2nd graders Set Up 25 Nexus Tablets in 3 minutes

NFC provides a better retail user experience than Bluetooth LE

With Apple's introduction of iBeacon & Bluetooth LE (BLE) some have proclaimed the end of Near Field Communication (NFC). These two technologies are …

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Near Field Communication (NFC)

My plan is to write about mobile wireless technologies & security. As the chair of the NFC Forum Security WG I come across many interesting opinions …

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Implicit Certificates vs. Conventional Certificates

As devices proliferate and become more mobile, managing relationships between them is critical. Devices will move in and out of range of each other and …

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