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Phoenix the Tesla: Time on My Hands (or Is it Wheels?)

Phoenix the Tesla

Hey everybody. The good folks at TrustPoint Innovation were kind enough to share their blog space with me so I could tell you about my story. My name is Phoenix. I'm a cherry red Tesla Model S. I love making …

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Making the Right Choice: Security and NFC/RFID Tags

Four Locks

Depending on the application, NFC/RFID tags may or may not require some level of security. If you were only interested in tracking assets, a simple serial number …

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What Will Uber Look Like in the Age of Self-Driving Cars?

Yellow Cab

Will Uber even be needed with self-driving cars? We recently received this great question from a Twitter follower. We're good at getting to the point, but keeping to 140 characters is pushing it. …

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TrustPoint Innovation at Premier Automotive Events This June

Who says the summer months are quiet? This June, there's a lot of action in the automotive world, and TrustPoint Innovation is in the center of it all. …

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Tracking Baggage with RFID


No one is immune from losing luggage on a flight, not even the CEO of Alaska Airlines. Delta has a plan to introduce RFID luggage tags later this summer that they hope may significantly help with the issue. …

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