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March Round Up of News that Proves Trust Is The Point

Blue Lock

The issues with IoT security are so widespread that most articles that focus on how the Internet of Things will change our lives also give attention …

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Smartphones as Keys: Are They Secure?

Car Door Handle

A couple of months ago, Volvo unveiled their new keyless entry system at MWC 2016. Like many other manufacturers, Volvo is looking at taking advantage …

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Keeping the Back Door Locked

Sherry Shannon Vanstone Featured on AQ's Blog and Grill

Sherry on AQ's Blog and Grill

Alan Quarry recently invited TrustPoint Innovation president and CEO, Sherry Shannon Vanstone, to take part in his web series AQ's Blog & Grill. Alan features …

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Future of Urban Transportation Symposium

With the advent of electrified vehicles, ride sharing, vehicle sharing, and the advances in connected and autonomous vehicles, it is predicted that …

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