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February Round Up of News that Proves Trust Is The Point

I Spy

The promise of a connected world offers so many opportunities to make life easier. However, developers need to get their act together when it comes to …

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Symposium Introduction

The fourth industrial revolution is already underway. Catch up on the conversation at the PEO York Chapter's 2016 Engineering Technology Symposium …

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Time to Upgrade from SHA-1


A potential client clicks on a link to your website. They get a warning that your security certificate may not be reliable. What would that do to the …

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Creating an Automotive Cluster in Waterloo Region

Concept Car

Communitech's new AutoTech Peer2Peer group met for the first time on February 4. The idea for an automotive group came from a discussion we at …

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AutoTech Peer2Peer

This Peer2Peer group is intended to connect autotech companies with sensors, electronics, and software for the new, smart auto industry …

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