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Smartphones as Keys: Are They Secure?

Car Door Handle

A couple of months ago, Volvo unveiled their new keyless entry system at MWC 2016. Like many other manufacturers, Volvo is looking at taking advantage …

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Opening Doors With NFC and ECC

We use doors every day to gain access to our homes, cars and offices. While lock and key mechanisms have evolved significantly, a certain lack of …

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Side Channel Attacks

In cryptography, a side channel attack accesses information about a secured system through the analysis of physical attributes of the system. This is in …

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Cryptography in Transition: Leaving Behind Human Oversight

Cryptography has primarily existed to send secret messages, often political or military, between people. For the political case I'm reminded of the …

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Canadian technology to be used to provide the security for V2V Communications for Crash Avoidance

In mid-July of this year, President Obama was speaking at a federal highway research facility in Northern Virginia about the development and testing of …

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Setting the Record Straight on ECC

Recent articles appearing in The New York Times, Der Speigel, Canada's The Globe and Mail, Britain's The Guardian and a host of other media have …

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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Certificates Versus Traditional Certificates

Conceptually there is little difference between traditional certificates and new M2M certificates; both are intended to authenticate identities via a …

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Secure Authentication

In the last few years Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has seen widespread use and can be found in a variety of applications within the Internet of Things …

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ECC Expertise

Being a Certificate Authority is about one thing — trust. At TrustPoint Innovation, we are committed to establishing trust for our customers by providing a highly …

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ECC Overview

RSA and DSA cryptographic solutions have enjoyed wide use in applications ranging from anti-cloning to secure firmware updates.

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